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5D Cinema is the place where the film takes the viewer all the senses. 3D image and digital surround sound is today not enough, it's time for new experiences. 5D Cinema Extreme is an example of the current state of the art forms of entertainment in our country that we can confidently call it the future of entertainment.

Already it is time that the viewer found himself in the heart of events and become an active participant in a session at the cinema. Only 5D viewer can play the role of the hero of the film and feel for yourself what it is crossing the swollen river rafting, to feel cold on the skin ocean waves, smell the scent of prehistoric reptiles that spend real snowstorm in June evening. In addition to the entertainment value meets Extreme Cinema 5D also features educational functions. 5D Extreme Cinema cherish the same principle: playing, learning.

Address: 58 Legnicka Street – Magnolia Park

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