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Abrams' Tower is a multi-ethnic creation of California media artist, Frederick Abrams. It is rated among the top restaurants in Wroclaw by numerous tourist guides for offering some of the only "authentically" conceived Mexican dishes in Poland as well a the only Thai food in the city. Among those giving it high marks are "A Rough Guide to Poland," Frommers Guide to Eastern Europe" an the "In Your Pocket" guide to Wroclaw.

Now the restaurant serves the first of what Abrams calls "Global Tapas," little works of art from Spanish to Mexican and Asian cultures. He also specializes in quality imported wines at very good prices and offers award winning domestically made unpasteurized beers which are rarely found in Polish restaurants.

Uniquely located inside an actual medieval tower, Abrams' Tower continues a tradition of what for the locals was the first wine bar in the city. It has an intimate atmosphere on three separate floors with Moroccan sofa seating and home comforts. Candles burning everywhere when the sun goes down, an antique bar is accentuated by an artistic display of illuminated empty wine bottles. Hidden in a courtyard which remains unchanged since the PRL (socialist) times, the tower originally known by the locals as "Baszta" (in English "Guard Tower") was the first wine bar in the city from the mid 1990s to 2005. It was then recognized by many as a romantic place where couples had their first encounters. Many return today to live nostalgic memories only to discover new loves, of cuisine, good wines and more which previously were unimaginable prior to Poland s admission into the European Union.

Specializing in World Music, New-Old World wines and excellent exotic cuisine, first and foremost, Abrams' Tower is an unusual intimate and cozy environment for making conservation and meeting others from various cultures, where foreign languages are often spoken.

Further, the intimacy of the tower's chambers which are separated by a winding stairway, lends itself to private parties and events of many sorts. Since opening in 2008, Abrams' Tower has hosted numerous business events, wine tastings, seminars, social mixers, exhibitions and concerts of international artists, live sports and film projections, dance parties and theme parties.

Abrams' Tower is one of the first all non cigarette smoking establishments in Wroclaw.

Only a seven minute walk from Rynek yet not easily discovered by accident, Abrams' Tower makes you forget where you are, a world of its own, which may be its greatest charm.

14 Kraińskiego Street, Wrocław
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