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If you plan to visit Wroclaw by car, please remember about having you driving license and car’s registration documents with you. Foreign driving licenses are valid in Poland. Travelling on Polish roads is free, except just a few short ways. It is all because of lack of motorways, freeways and fast routes. One of the only major highways in the country, the A4 connects Wroclaw with Berlin (via Legnica) and Krakow (via Opole and Katowice).

The speed limit in Poland is generally 50km/hr in cities (60km/hr between 23:00 and 05:00), 90km/hr outside urban areas, 120km/hr on dual carriageways and 140km/hr on motorways. All cars must have their headlights switched on at all times and carry a red warning triangle, first aid kit, replacement bulbs, a national identity sticker and proper registration and insurance documents. Poland also has strict drunk-driving laws: 0.2% is the maximum blood/alcohol limit, so forget about having even a single beer. Much of Wroclaw’s centre is pedestrianised, meanwhile one-way and seemingly accessible streets that are actually only available to permit holders make driving in the centre an absolute nightmare. Poor planning and limited traffic patterns mean congestion is a major problem as well. Call a cab and it might take as much as twenty minutes to get to you, though it's only a few blocks away. As such, we suggest you ditch your car at the first opportunity. But if you wish to rent a car in Wroclaw, please let us know and we can give you some advises. Prices vary, but you can expect average prices on the level of 220 – 260 PLN per car per 24 hours. There are car hire points at the airport and some in the centre.

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