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Walking into Manana is like walking into another world. First there is the pleasant calm of the reclusive courtyard, decorated with sunny photos of the Mediterranean and then, as you make your way upstairs, there is the contrasting bustle of the bar area, where your senses are assaulted by a plethora of colour and a barrage of funky sounds - creating an atmosphere so vivid that it is almost tangible.

With its gaudy decor, haphazard seating arrangements and a fake Botticelli on the wall you quickly realise that Manana is all about fun. And when the cool but unpretentious crowd start to get down on the makeshift dancefloor it's impossible not to cut loose and join them. Check out for the new bar available for the club card holders and don't miss the opening of their new terrace.

Address: 11 St Mikolaj Street

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