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The Silesia Region is dotted with various castles and palaces. More of them were built by Silesian Piasts. The Piast Route goes through the Lower Silesia. Among many castle there can be found Grodziec Castle, Książ Castle, Legnica Castle, Bolków Castle and much more.

Brzeg castle was probably built at the beggining of th 13th century. It is called 'Silesian Wawel'. The main gate is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. Its stone facade is considered to be the second most valuable monuments presenting the Renaissance style architecture in Poland. The castle was surrounded by a moat and a defense wall connected with city fortifications. Since 1311 the castle became a prince's residence. The structure was rebuilt few times. In the 16th century the castle went through a serious renovation during which it took Rennaisance shape. In 1741, the city of Brzeg was distroyed and the castle as well. In th 20th century the castle was renovated. Today, the castle houses the Museum of Silesian Piasts which presetns the history of the town of Brzeg, history of Silesian Piasts and their tradition.
The 13th – century Książ Castle was built by the Prince Bolko I. It is one of the biggest castles in Poland. It had over 400 rooms. It is surrounded by a park with numerous fontains and sculptures. Next to the castle there is located Horse Stud Farm. The castle is open to visitors throughout the year. The oldest fragments of the castle are the Gothic-style tower which is 30 metres long and so-called 'Long House'. The catle was rebuilt and extended several times. It is a mixture of many styles ( Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque). The Maximilian Hall is one of the most wonderful rooms where plays were staged. The Baroque Konrad Hall, the Renaissance Crooked Room or the Rococo Green Salon are also worth seeing.
The castle in Legnica is one of the oldest brick defence structure in Poland which has preserved to our times. On the place of the old wooden stronghold there were built new castle in the end of the 12th century. The castle was on of two main residence of Silesian rulers. It was rebuilt few times. Today, tourists can admire two Gothic-style towers, courtyard and relicts of the Romanesque St. Benedictine and Lawrence chapel.

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