Church of St Elizabeth in Wroclaw


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The Church of St Elizabeth is one of two Gothic churches that are found near Market Square in the center of Wroclaw, the other being St. Mary Magdalenes Church. There has been a church on this same position since the 1100's, however due to a number of unfortunate events, the church has been destroyed and rebuilt or renovated a number of times.

During it's history, the church has seen damage from World Wars, from severe hail and most recently in the 1970's from a serious fire. Unfortunately, during this fire the church's famous organs burned. The current church, although extensively renovated is the same as the one that stood in the 14th century. Initially, St Elizabeth's Cathedral was one of the tallest churches in Europe, with a height of almost 130 meters. However, due to the aforementioned damage, the church is now only 91 meters tall. The tower is able to be climbed by visitors for a small fee, and from here it is possible to get a good view over the city of Wroclaw. Inside the church there are over 100 tombs of famous Poles, as well as many hundred year old Renaissance and Gothic artworks. St Elizabeth's Church is found just outside the north west corner of Wroclaw's main square.

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