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Club 54 was established in 2001 and immediately became one of the most significant clubs in Wroclaw. Situated on the market square became the popular meeting place for students who always were an important part of our regulars.

2009 was the moment for some changes to come. They generally refurbished the entire interior adding the new luster to it. The new Club 54 is a place deeply inspired by the design of posh disco clubs of 80's. Despite highly elegant interior the club did not lose its laid-back atmosphere and remains a friendly place for students, graduates and a bit older people as well. Two most peculiar elements of the interior have not changed - semicircular bar with colorfully shining glass tiles and see-trough mirror in the men's room that makes it possible to observe people dancing on the dance floor. The new Club 54 means tempting promotions, seven resident DJ's playing their hot sets five days a week, community of regulars that can stay in touch with their as they are active on social networking websites. They implement new solutions and they are not afraid of changes. Club 54 also deals with event marketing. Visit Club 54 with your friends, organize an integration party for your company or high school reunion.

Address: 11-12 Market Square

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