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Is there a more banal figure in pop culture than Marilyn Monroe? They have already done everything to her: exploited as an actress, model, unrealized mother, wife, lover, a fool, an intelligent entity, a plastic doll... The last thing we can do is to eat her. Małgorzata Warlikowska has the courage to do this and once again in the history of art she tries to use the face and the name of the actress to make her the heroine of her story. Marilyn Monroe, through the unflagging popularity, boundless exploitation and continuous transformation of her image, has evolved from the "exceptional women" into "Everyman". Warlikowska takes advantage of this fact.
The exhibition is the story of the formation of an icon from an individuality that was initially an anonymous person; , about the process of creation of an image. This process can be read as a process of constructing the image of man in general. It speaks about the functioning in everyday life, the possession of cultural masks, consisting of specific expectations, closely related to gender, origin and environment. The exhibition of Malgorzata Warlikowska "Eating Marilyn Monroe / Washing your face" is a reflection on identity in multi-dimensional sense: the subjectivity of a woman, artist, private and public person... It was built by the artist's characteristic media: graphics combined with ceramics, painting, sculpture, installation etc.
The entrance is free. Awangarda Gallery at 32, Wita Stwosza Street.

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