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The small town of Henrykow is known for its Cistercian church, founded in 1227 by henryk the Bearded. A series of allotments surrounding the abbey separate the church and monastery from the street, so that access to the church is by way of a series gates.

The church, originally in the Gothic style, was rebuilt in the early 14th century and remodelled in the Baroque style by Matthias Kirchberger in 1687-1702. Prominent features of the Baroque interior are the high altar, with “The Birth of Christ in the Vision of St Bernard of Clairvaux” by Michael Willmann, and the large, highly ornamented choir stalls. A plague column outside the church depicts the four archangels. Other points of interest are the extensive monastery and the scenic park laid out at the rear of the monastery in the early 18th century. A summerhouse stands in the ark.

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