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The origins of Wroclaw are associated with the settlement, which has grown up in a convenient spot for crossing the Oder, on the crossroads of important and old routes that run from southern Europe to the north, towards the Baltic Sea and from the west, east, in the Black Sea region. In the first half of the tenth century in Silesia came under the dominion of the Czech state and the settlement, then probably border area of a city received the name of the Bohemian duke Vratislav. In the last decade of the tenth century Silesia became part of the Polish state.

1000 - Wroclaw is the seat of a bishopric; the appearance of the papal bull - the oldest surviving written mention of Wroclaw

1242 - Location of the city, rebuilt after the Mongol invasion, the German law

1261 - Wroclaw receives Magdeburg law and city council

1523 - The beginning of the Reformation in Wroclaw

1526 - After the death of King Louis Jagiellon Bohemia, Silesia, Wroclaw, along with passes under the dominion of the Habsburgs, started well for up to the late sixteenth century, construction of modern fortifications that have survived to the early nineteenth century

1702 - Establishment of the Jesuit Academy by the Emperor Leopold I

1741 - Start the Silesian wars, which resulted in Wrocław and Silesia came under Prussian rule

1809 - As a result of the reforms in Prussia,  Wroclaw is called a modern municipal government

1811 - Appointment of state, the Prussian University of Wroclaw (Wroclaw University)

1848 - Events Revolution Spring of Nations in Wroclaw

1903 - Great flood, which has made large claims in the city, but also caused a major acceleration of regulatory activities, which have resulted in functioning up to now finally the shape of a node Wroclaw Water System

1914 – 1918 - Wroclaw, as a fortress in the back of the fronts of World War I

1933 - The acquisition of Wroclaw, as in all of Germany by the national socialists, the beginnings of Nazi terror

9/10 November 1938 - "Crystal Night", the largest pogroms on the Jewish population

1944 - Wroclaw is declared a closed claim ("Festung Breslau")

6 May 1945 - Capitulation "Festung Breslau"

9 May 1945 - Start taking over the city by the Polish administration

1985 - Opening of the renovated Raclawice Panorama

1997 - Great flood in Wroclaw, which is next to the damage also contributes to the acceleration of reconstruction and modernization of urban infrastructure

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