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Wrocek is the only such festival in the country and one of the few in Europe. The whole formed by a few people who have put in him all his heart. International Comedy Festival Wrocek is unique because everyone here, regardless of age, gender and education, something for everyone.

That's why their slogan is "Wrocek connects generations. "The past - this review Debilnej songs, resulting in Wroclaw in the 80s. Occurred on the Polish stage stars such as Krzysztof Skiba, Cezary Claw, or cabaret OTTO. Reactivated two years ago has become increasingly popular. Present - This Zadymki Cabaret - competition, which will face the best student teams from across the Polish cabaret. Their young minds and rebellious nature, make the bold move of his sketches even the most difficult topics. The future, or International. The competition, whose idea is to find a common denominator for representatives of different countries, cultures and languages. The competition, which breaks down barriers.

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