Kamieniec Zabkowicki


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The small town of Kamieniec Zabkowicki is dominated by the 14th – century Gothic church and Baroque monastery of its Cistercian abbey, which was founded in 1272.There is also a Neo-Gothic castle, perched on a hill but well worth the effort of a climb to visit.

It was commissioned by Marianna Oranska in the 1870s, and after her death was completed for her son, Duke Albrecht of Prussia. The architect was Karl Friedrich Schinkel. A massive residence with large circular external towers, and two internal piazzas, the castle has an ideal symmetry. Its magnificent ballroom has palm vaulting supported on a single central basalt column. Unfortunately the palace's once superb art collection and library were destroyed just after World War II. Today the castle, while not yet wholly reconstructed, is open as a hotel. It stands in an attractive overgrown park.

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