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The Klodzko Valley (Kotlina Klodzka) is the largest mountain valley in the Sudety (about 500 km2). It spreads out along the downstream flow of the Nysa Klodzka and the lower parts of its branches – the Scinawka and Bystrzyca Dusznicka. It is bordered by the Gorna Nysa Gorge, the Table Mountains to the south-west, the Wlodzickie Hills (Wzgorza Wlodzickie) from the west, the Bardzkie Mountains from the north, the Zlote Mountains (Gory Zlote) from the east, and the Krowiarek Ridge (Grzbiet Krowiarek) including the Snieznik Massif, from the south-east.

The climate of the valley is quite mild with frequent thaws, in contrast to the severe climate of the mountains surrounding it. The Klodzko Valley came into being as a result of Alpine orogeny, when the surrounding ranges were forced upwards. The bottom of the valley is formed from late Palaeozoic sedimentary rock, marl loam and calcium, which settled on older metamorphic rock. A gently folded surface is covered with a thick layer sediment, from which single hardened hillocks protrude. The whole valley is wood-less, except for small forests on the tops of some hills. The Klodzko Lands, whose capital is Klodzko, are widely regarded as one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. You can find here:

-wonderful mountains, fabulous landscapes, a huge abundance of rock formations, crevices, labyrinths, mountain rock formations such as the Errant Rocks (Bledne Skaly)

-mountains such as: Wielki Szczeliniec, the snieznika Massif, the Table Mountains, the Orlickie, Bystrzyckie, Zlote, Bialskie, Sowie and Bardzkie Mountains;

-natural attractions, caves, picturesque waterfalls, the Batorowskie Peat Bog (Torfowisko Batorowskie) and long snow cover in Zieleniec;

-dozens of mountain trails of different levels of difficulty, numerous cycling routes, sightseeing, walking and therapeutic routes;

-health resorts with mineral water springs such as: Polanica Zdroj, Kudowa Zdroj, Duszniki Zdroj, Ladek Zdroj;

-well-known places, but also small and picturesque villages ‘lost’ among the mountains, very popular health resorts with well developed tourist facilities e.g. - hotels, pensions, guest rooms, argrotourism farms and mountain hostels;

-numerous ski routes, among which is the Czarna Gora complex;

-places of worship, holy sites, an oasis of silence and prayer, the well-known sanctuaries of Our Lady of Wambierzyce, and Our Lady of the Snows in Bardo;

-rich history, castles, fortifications, architectural landmarks, museums with abundant collections and living history museums

You can get to Klodzko Valley from Wroclaw by PKS.

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