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Wroclaw's Main Market Square is the second-largest in Poland, after that in Krakow. It is a medieval market square, now the heart of a pedestrian zone. The square is rectangular with the dimensions 205 x 175m. In the centre stand the town hall and a group of buildings separated by alleys. The buildings around the square are built according to different styles: the middle part of the ring is occupied by a block of buildings consisting of the Town Hall, the New City Hall as well as numerous citizens' houses.

The market square is an urban ensemble with the two diagonally contiguous areas - the Salt Market and the square in front of St. Elisabeth's Church. Eleven streets lead to the market: two to each corner, two narrow lanes and an opened out side square, Kurzy Targ ("Chicken Market"). The most attractive side of the square is the west, with the late Baroque House of the Golden Sun, at No. 6 built in 1727 by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt, as well as the House of the Seven Electors, its paintwork dating from 1672. There are now 60 numbered plots on the market square, with some buildings occupying several. The limits of the plots often follow lines different than those first laid out since estates were often merged and divided in the late Middle Ages. Each property has a traditional name, usually associated with the coat of arms visible on the facade or related to the history of the house itself, for instance Under the Griffins, Under the Blue Sun and Old Town Hall.

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