Mill Bridge – Mlynski Bridge in Wroclaw


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Like the Sand Bridge, the Mill Bridge was first mentioned in 1149. It linked Olbin with Cathedral Island and was once much wider than it is today. At first it was called St. Vincent’s, being situated near the abbey in Olbin. In the 16th century, what today is one bridge actually consisted of three bridges collectively known as the ‘Long Bridges’.

Two fortified towers with gates were built along this stretch. These had rooms on the upper floors above the gateways. Sand Island was connected with Mill Island by the third section of this bridge. It was often called the ‘Corpus Christi Bridge’, like the nearby flour mill (the present-day Maria Mill). Other names used in the 18th and the early 19th centuries included ‘Przedtumski’ and ‘Fortuna’, while the steel bridge constructed on this site in 1885 was named after the Prussian field marshal A. Gneisenau. The two-span steel bridge with a stone terrace designed as a vista-point in the centre still stands. The present-day name ‘Mill Bridge’ was adopted on 19 October 1945.

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