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This summer the biggest and the most important film festival in Poland again will take place in Wroclaw. Festival presensts original, innovative and uncompromising cinema from all over the world, that is why it's name is New Horizons.

During this event not only films will be shown, but also a variety of live music concerts every evening, art installations and performaces will be organized in the city. What is more, participants of the Festival and Wroclaw's citizens will have possibility to watch films in an open-air cinema on the main square every evening for free. This year also an industry events are planned: polish-norwegian co-production forum, where producers and financiers will discuss about possible cooperation; new horizons studio, workshops for young people and industry screenings of new polish films, screening about Polish films and work in progress.
Last year over 500 films have been shown during the Festival for around 122 500 spectators. All films have Polish and English subtitles, so if you will be in Wroclaw 21-31 June 2011 you will have an opportunity to take part in this spectacular cinema event. Tickets are now available through the internet, but it will be also possible to buy them during the Festival.

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