the 5th Beer Geek Madness, April 1, 2017


Beer Geek Madness is a new beer event of an innovative formula, presenting the most interesting Polish craft and contract breweries and their achievements.
the 5th anniversary edition of Beer Geek Madness takes place in Zaklęte Rewiry, Wrocław – April, 1st 2017.
The platform to exchange experience between...

Wrocław Good Beer Festival


Wrocław Good Beer Festival is an international event, the biggest in Poland and one of the largest events of its kind in Europe. There are provided beers both from Poland and from abroad. The first edition of that event was in 2010 and more and more poeple came and took part in that festival...

Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain News

Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain was built in 2009 and is located next to Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.
It is an extraordinary attraction for locals as well as for visitors.The fountain consists of 300 water jets and 800 lights. All this creates an amazing water show and guarantees experiencing an unforgettable water display....

Wroclaw Industrial Festival


This year, the twelfth edition of the Wroclaw Industrial Festival, one of the most important events of this kind in the world, clearly shows that the industrial culture is still alive and changing, adapting to the new times, new audiences and new technologies.
Once again artists who contributed to the...

WrocLove Fest 2017, 16-17.06.Wrocław


Last weekend before the holidays, we invite you to Wroclaw. There will be held superb summer concert!

On 16th and 17th June the WrocLove Fest 2017 will present very good live bands.
You will hear for HEY, LAO CHE, SMOLIK / KEV FOX / SKUBAS, JELONEK,...

World Games 2017


The Polish city of Wroclaw has received the honor of hosting The World Games 2017. The 10th edition of this multisport event will take place between July 20th and July 30th 2017.

The two men organizing the Games are the President of the Wroclaw Organizing...

Transfer from Wroclaw to Warsaw News

We can organize private transfers from Wroclaw to Warsaw on special request. This is the most comfortable way of transport and you can choose time of departure. We can pick you up straight from your hotel in Wroclaw and drop you off at your hotel in Warsaw.

Distance between Wroclaw and Warsaw is approx. 350 km...

Transfer from Wroclaw to Gdansk News

We can organize private transfers from Wroclaw to Gdansk on special request. This is the most comfortable way of transport and you can choose time of departure. We can pick you up straight from your hotel in Wroclaw and drop you off at your hotel in Gdansk.

Distance between Wroclaw and Gdansk is approx. 450 km...

Train from Wroclaw to Warsaw News

In 2012 there are 13 direct trains from Wroclaw to Warsaw a day:

4:42 → 11:25
8:02 → 13:40
8:15 → 15:00
8:50 → 16:00
10:28 → 16:05
11:00 → 17:10
12:15 → 18:53
12:28 → 19:00
13:40 → 19:15
14:55 → 22:00
16:20 → 23:00
17:02 → 22:35

Train from Wroclaw to Gdansk News

In 2012 there are 3 direct trains from Wroclaw to Gdansk a day:

5:25 → 12:28
15:25 → 22:31
23:51 → 7:19

Journey by each train lasts more than 7 hours.

If you wish to ask any questions concerning journey by train, please feel free to contact us at

The Lower Silesia Festival of Secrets


All history lovers and treasue hunters are invited to the biggest popular-science event in the region of Lower Silesia. During the Lower Silesia Festival of Secrets, tourists can take part in many meetings, lectures relating to legends of the Lower Silesia.
The festival is held at

The Christmas Market


On the Main Square in Wroclaw you can already feel the Christmas atmosphere. It is thanks to The Christmas Market - this year wealthier than ever, and the largest in Poland. There are approximately 140 stands. Among the fragrant forest of Christmas trees, the aroma of mulled wine and chocolate gingerbread, many surprises...

TIFF International Photography Festival


The festival is organized for the third time. The first edition was known as "A Little Bit Different Photography Festival", now it is called shortly just TIFF Festival. The theme of this year’s edition of TIFF is Real Fake Photography. The artists are supposed to take photos using a documentary convention, but...

T-Mobile New Horizons IFF News

The first T-Mobile New Horizons IFF was held in 2001 in Wroclaw. Since then it has been organized annually in July. This festival is considered as a very important film event in Central Europe. Eponymous new horizones are explored through the presentation of original and innovative films from all over the world. The ...

New Horizons Wroclaw News

This summer the biggest and the most important film festival in Poland again will take place in Wroclaw. Festival presensts original, innovative and uncompromising cinema from all over the world, that is why it's name is New Horizons.

During this event not only films will be shown, but also a...

Moscow City Ballet


Capture the Christmas spirit - the most famous all over the world group Moscow City Ballet is coming to Poland. From 19th to 20th December we will have the opportunity to see the most popular and the most attractive performances in the world - The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. These stunning and magnificent shows will take...



This year in November, Wroclaw is hosting the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Jazztopad Festival.
The program of the festival includes 12 concerts of jazz stars such as Wayne Shorter, William Parker, Charles Lloyd, Joachim Kühn, Tony Malaby. During the 10th anniversary edition...

Japanese garden in Wroclaw


One of the most visited green areas in Wroclaw. Charming. Atmospheric. Unique. Place with numerous different types of plants, trees, bushes and flowers. And... Japanese archiectural works such as the tea pavilon or the gate.
Wroclaw Japanese garden is an outstanding place inspired by...

International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC


International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC "Global Development in Cinema" is the first festival in Central and Eastern Europe and the third in the world combining innovative cinema event at the highest level of reflection on global issues. It is then a unique combination of documentary cinema at the highest level,...



In the nearest WEEKEND (24-26 of February) Tourism Fair Wroclaw will be held in the Centennial Hall. Do not miss stands of Wroclove there. They prepared a board game of Monopoly Junior, during which you can become a photographer of Wroclaw Dwarfs or feel like investor and buy real estate in...

Euro 2012 Fan Zone in Wroclaw News

Old Town Market will be the venue for a Fan Zone in the city of Wroclaw. The Fan zone in Wroclaw is able to accommodate almost 25 thousands of people at a time. It will be available from 8th June to 1st July. All those we want to feel the spirit of this unique tournament will be able to have fun every day from 3:00p.m. till...

Energy of Sound #7


This mini festival will take place on December 14. It shows new trends in alternative music, on the one hand presenting established artists considered to be the precursors of the style, on the other hand, the original debutants that are becoming popular. To prove it, it is enough to mention...

City games on your mobile phone


A new application on your mobile phone was invented by 4 students from Wroclaw. They've created Adventure City App which allow tourists take a unique stroll around Wroclaw and learn more about its history and get to know new people.

The application's...

Castles of the Lower Silesia


The Silesia Region is dotted with various castles and palaces. More of them were built by Silesian Piasts. The Piast Route goes through the Lower Silesia. Among many castle there can be found Grodziec Castle, Książ Castle, Legnica Castle, Bolków Castle and much more.

Bruno Schulz Festival in Wroclaw


From November 20th to 24th in Wroclaw, the second edition of Bruno Schulz Festival – the international festival of art and literature will take place.
The Bruno Schulz’s Polish works are often read and translated throughout the world. This author also reminds of Jewish tragic history and the aim...

Brave Festival Wroclaw News

Brave Festival – Against The Cultural Exile is a festival which presents artists and people who want to save their own culture from forgetfulness. During the Festival we have a possibility to understand better a culture of people who doesn't agree on expulsion from their own tradition and sensibility. In these days...

Bach Academy


From 3 to 9 February The Bach Academy will be held in Wroclaw. It is organized by the Wroclaw Philharmonic and the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music. It is dedicated to the interpretation of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach connected to a series of master classes for students. Among the special...

'Eating Marilyn Monroe' exhibition


Is there a more banal figure in pop culture than Marilyn Monroe? They have already done everything to her: exploited as an actress, model, unrealized mother, wife, lover, a fool, an intelligent entity, a plastic doll... The last thing we can do is to eat her. Małgorzata Warlikowska has the courage to do this and once...