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It's difficult to mention Wroclaw and not go on to mention the word nightlife in the same breath. The city is quickly enhancing its already solid reputation as a party town and easily has enough pubs and clubs to cater for a city twice its size. Perhaps this isn't so surprising when you consider that this is a place revelling in its status as a boom town on the frontiers of New Europe, and that those with a share in the wealth seem as keen as any to "liquidize their assets" at the nearest watering-hole. On top of these hard-working professionals, for two thirds of the year Wroclaw is home to over 130,000 students.

In fact having fun is such an important part of the mentality here in Wroclaw that even the beautifully-restored Market Place seems at times less of a important cultural centre and more of an enormous shrine to drinking - particularly in summer when the lure of an afternoon beer in the sun has waylaid many a local and tourist alike from whatever it is they were supposed to be doing.

We can recommend you some of the best clubs you may be looking for:

1) Od zmierzchu do switu music club, 15 Krupnicza Street - located opposite the main courthouse in a basement. You can regularly hear live music there. On Wednesdays there are concerts of young rock bands, on Thursdays there are jam sessions featuring a bunch of resident performers. Their level varies from great to moderate. On Fridays and Saturdays there are rock parties with a DJ.

2) Rura jazz club, 4 Lazienna Street - a must for a jazz enthusiast or someone who wants to get some jazz experience. Probably the oldest jazz club in Poland. Concerts and jam sessions are held there almost every day. It has been visited by many performers famous in the jazz community. It is also a good place to have a beer and meet some people.

The most popular bars and night clubs are situated in the old town, main square. On Thursdays are students night, usually free entry, not as crowded as Friday and Saturday.

Beer 0,5 L: 4-7 PLN in bars, 2-4 PLN in shops
Wine glass: 7-12 PLN
Vodka shot: 4-7 PLN


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