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Novocaina Restaurant was established to enable people to celebrate the tastes. They do believe that the very best tastes are based on work of people full of passion. Novocaina Restaurant means allegiance to culinary tradition but also the openness to new solutions and new people.

They are not afraid of changes and resolutely adjust their restaurant to the needs of their customers who, despite their different preferences, share fondness of the highest quality things. They regularly introduce changes in their menu in order to reflect the characteristic tastes of each season. Besides Italian cuisine, they also experiment with another culinary traditions. They use the local products that traditionally make up the local color of Lower Silesia cuisine. Their regular customers are highly requiring people who found in Novocaina what they for a long time were looking for. They hope you will also find it.
Every last week of the month they discover for you new flavors from their chef.

13 Rynek Street, Wrocław
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