Nowowiejski Park in Wroclaw


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It was established in the years 1896–1908 in the old district of Olbin, between today’s Nowowiejska Street and Prusa Street. It covers an area of eight hectares and is located around a pond that was formed in the 19th century, after one of the arms of the river Odra that flowed from the east was filled in. Initially there were two ponds, but the smaller, western one was filled in.

The remaining one, which is still part of the park’s landscape, was once used by washerwomen. Over time, the pond was enlarged, while the soil dug out in the process formed a hill. The hill served as a vista point until higher buildings obstructed the view. In the summer, you can enjoy the beautiful trees and shrubs, including the pagoda tree, the white willow, the grey poplar, and the South American Cladrastis lutea.

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