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The Paczkow commune is located in the south-west part of the Opole Voivodship , in the Nysa district, on the very well-known Sudeten Route from Nysa to Klodzko, which is an integral part of the road connecting Silesia and Lesser Poland with the „touristic treasure trove“ of Lower Silesia – the Klodzka Basin. This unique picturesque area is characterized by interesting cultural monuments and many natural resources, inter alia by a diversified region, neighbourhood to the three reservoirs (Otmuchowski Lake, Nysa Lake and Paczkow Reservoir) as well as the aforementioned nearness to the Klodzka region and the Sudeten.

Completely surrounded by a medieval wall set with towers and gates, Paczkow has been dubbed the “Carcassone of Silesia” after the medieval walled city in southwest France. Paczkow was founded in 1254, and the old town retains its original street layout. It contains many distinctive town houses, a Neo-Classical town hall and the Church of St John (Kosciol Sw. Jana), an originally Gothic church that was rebuilt in the Renaissance style in 1529-1536 and fortified for defensive purposes.

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