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Wroclaw, like most cities of Poland, is a very safe city but you should exercise the usual caution and keep guard of your valuables especially around crowded places or places popular with tourists like the main train station or the town square (Rynek). It is still wise to stay cautions in the tourist centre and even more cautions while staying outside the Old Town area, but generally Wroclaw can be classified as a very safe city.

Police officers always wear uniforms and move by navy-blue and white cars with sign “Policja” across the doors. Road patrols can stop and check cars to check their conditions and if drivers are sober. Penalties for drink driving in Poland are very high. Permitted amount of alcohol is blood is up to 0,2 mg/ml. If you need to contact Police, best method would be to visit police station called in Polish “Komisariat”. If you have any need of emergency service, here are some most important numbers: -Ambulance and EMS: 999 - Fire Brigade: 998 - Police: 997 - City Guards: 986 - Roadside Assistance: 981.

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