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Living in Poland is no longer as cheap as it used to be since the market economy has come to be effective. Poland was in the 80's a hyperinflation country but now annual inflation rate has fallen below 10 %. The national currency, the zloty (PLN) has consequently become quite stable. Compared to most western European countries, food in Wroclaw is rather cheap. Nevertheless Wroclaw is the one of the most expensive city in Poland, but isn't as expensive as Warsaw or Krakow.

If you are staying in Wroclaw for a longer time then we recommend doing shopping in one of the big supermarkets which offer best prices for all everyday-use products and food. If you are just coming for a few days/weekend then of course you will probably eat in your hotel or in restaurants in the center or buy some products in regular small grocery shops. Of course prices vary, but let us give you some examples, so you have an idea of how much you will need to spend in Wroclaw:

-loaf of bread 2,50 PLN
-butter 3,50 PLN
-sparkling water 1,5 l bottle 2,50 PLN
-Coca-Cola/Pepsi 2 l bottle 5 PLN
-can of beer 0,5 l in shop 3,5 PLN
-0,5 l beer in restaurant/pub 8-9 PLN
-0,5 l beer in good nightclub 12 PLN
-one course dinner in cheap bar 10-12 PLN
-one course dinner in popular Chinese bar 12-18 PLN
-one course dinner in average restaurant 20-30 PLN
-small cheeseburger in McDonalds 3 PLN
-big frites in McDonalds 5 PLN
-0,5 l bottle of vodka in liquor shop 18-25 PLN
-1 l of unleaded petrol 5 PLN

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