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Rope Park on the island is a complex arboreal Opatowickiej things (bridges, overpasses nets, wooden platforms, etc.), suspended on steel ropes. The total length is about 1 km. Ropes fastened close to 100 different things that are sort of obstacle course at a height of 2 to 17 meters.

Adult user, and accompanying children under 16 years (maximum two) have a choice of five routes. They bear the names:
The order is related to the escalation of difficulty - the harder the farther and higher. But for people with an average efficiency of all the attractions of sports transition is not a big problem, it requires the full discipline and prudence. The route marked monkey is for the youngest children achieving a minimum height of 140 cm with hands up. Throughout the use of the attractions, you should definitely be pinned to the "rope of life." This particular line, marked in red represents the total safety of the participants.

Address: Braci Gierymskich Street

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