Sand Bridge in Wroclaw


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Sand Bridge (Piaskowy Bridge) first mentioned in 1149, is considered to be the oldest in Wroclaw. Its construction is probably related to the existence of the ‘amber trail’ running from the Adriatic, through Sand Island, to the Baltic. A landing-place used for rafting timber, originally situated on Cathedral Island, was moved to the left bank of the river Odra, right next to the bridge.

In the 15th century, the bridge had a fortified wooden tower in the middle, the span adjacent to the island was designed as a drawbridge, and a gate plastered with clay stood at this end. When the city was fortified in the 17th century, the tower was removed. Only the drawbridge remained. Over the years the bridge had various names, including, ‘the bridge by the Blessed Virgin Mary’ and ‘St. Mary’s’. The present-day iron bridge dates back to 1861 and is the oldest iron bridge in the city.

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