Slowacki Park in Wroclaw


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This park was established on the edges of what used to be the New Town, and embraced a section of the city walls that had been pulled down. The current borders of the park are defined by Slowackiego Avenue, Modrzewskiego Street, Powstancow Warszawy Square, and the river Odra. The oldest part of the park is located east of the former Bernardine Monastery.

As early as 1829–1837, the city plans showed that the area, together with the grounds of today’s Polski Square, was planted with trees. The present-day Polish Hill, which is a remnant of the former Brickmaker’s bastion, became one of the favourite spots thanks to the profusion of trees and shrubs planted there. The next stage was the planting of trees in the eastern section of today’s park, which used to be situated on the other side of the moat. The moat, which connected the river Olawa with the Odra, was filled in after 1878, yet six years later the Olawa formed a new outlet upstream of Grunwaldzki Bridge, where it still joins the Odra today. Despite its rather small size, the park features a variety of tree and shrub species such as the maidenhair tree, the catalpa, and the yew. After World War II the park was redesigned and enlarged, and a rotunda was built in the new part to house the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice painting. The National Museum is not far from the park.

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