South Park in Wroclaw


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It is smaller than Szczytnicki Park, and its range of tree species is not as wide, yet it is as frequently visited by the people of Wroclaw. The park was founded by the landowner Julius Schottlander as a gift for the city and set up in the years 1882–1890.

It was designed in the English style by Richter, the contemporary director of the municipal gardens, and it occupies an area of 27 hectares. An interesting element of the park is an artificial lake, where small water fountains have now been installed. One can feed swans and ducks standing on the lakeside or on the small bridges. Near the lake there is a covered bandstand where numerous events take place. The trees in the park are worth seeing. Among the 15 species the most interesting are the northern catalpa, the tulip tree, and the sessile oak growing along designated paths lined with benches.

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