Speedway Grand Prix in Wroclaw


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Sports speedway in Poland has over 50 years of tradition. Wroclaw is one of the few cities in our country, where the discipline stands at the highest level of both sport and organization. Speedway competitions are played in Wroclaw's historic Olympic Stadium. Every year since 1995, with minor interruptions to Wroclaw attracts the best speedway riders of the world on the occasion organized by the Wroclaw Sports Association competitions Grand Prix - Individual Speedway World Championship on.

Wroclaw speedway GP during competition witnessed the birth of many new stars of speedway, which today dominate the sport. In 2004, Wroclaw GP winner Dane Bjarne Pedersen started making way to the top slag. Polish fans in particular Wroclaw also have the right to celebrate, in the second position ranked player Jaroslaw Hampel Atlas Wroclaw. Young, ambitious and above all, a player capable of Wroclaw showed forefront that can effectively compete with them. Wroclaw attracts many tourists with its charm. Became very fashionable sports tourism. Black sports fans willing to come to the Polish and in particular to Wroclaw, planning to leave in order to be able to see some interesting competition, and the occasion to visit a country where the domestic league race is also the world's best players.

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