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Studio P-1 is a music club located in the center of beautiful, historic Wroclaw. Since its inception in 2000, Studio P-1 was constructed using the highest European  standards to bring you one of the most technologically advanced, modern nightclub in the world.

Studio P-1 proudly offer over 1200 square meters of space including a huge dance floor, and seating for over 300 people. There are also screened off rooms for a more quiet evening, if that is what you prefer. Out on the dance floor, you will enjoy a wide variety of music and lightning that is the Heartbeat of Studio P-1. Their sound system delivers 17 000 watts of power, combined with a computer synchronized lightning system, fog machines and modern lasers. The unique, telescoping lightning truss located over the dance floor is something that must be experienced and not explained.

Address: 3a Szewska Street

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