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The Wroclaw Contemporary Theatre is appreciated for its clearly composed repertory, serious consideration for the audience and for its excellent troupe. The Wroclaw Contemporary Theatre has already gained its experience as an international congress organizer, also hosting many spectacular cultural and business events.

The theatre rents its compartments at competitive rates in which professional service is included for: conferences, symposiums, jubilee celebrations, concerts, exhibitions and special performances. The Wroclawski Teatr Wspolczesny, or the Wroclaw Contemporary Theatre in English, has been going in various incarnations since the late 1940s. Over the years it has gained an excellent reputation, particularly in regard to its talented troupe of actors. The theatre has three stages, ranging in sizes, and a number of productions are running at any one time - from modern takes on Shakespeare to a provocative treatment of Anthony Burgess's Clockwork Orange. Wroclawski Teatr Wspolczesny is also the organiser of the International Theatre Festival Dialog – Wroclaw.

Address: 12 Rzeznicza Street

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