The Dwarfs of Wroclaw


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Maria Konopnicka, Polish writer for children and youth, was right when she wrote: “Whether you wish it or not, there are dwarfs in the world.” Take a stroll down the old city and you will notice, here and there, these strange little inhabitants straight from the world of fairy tales. Wroclaw residents are proud that it is there city where human-shy dwarfs have finally decided to come out from underground and show themselves to our human reality.

It was in August 2005, when one-foot-high dwarfs first appeared on the streets of Wroclaw. The idea for a dwarf-friendly city was inspired in 1982 by the Orange Alternative, an underground protest movement that aimed to show alternative way of opposition against the communist regime by means of a peaceful protest involving the use of absurd and nonsensical elements. One of its part were smiling dwarfs wearing funny hats painted as graffiti covering anti-Communist slogans. In honor of the Orange Alternative, there are now more than 150 boot-sized dwarfs scattered throughout the city! Each Wroclaw's dwarf has a name: Slupniki (dwarfs found near lampposts), Grajek and Meloman (found on Olawska Street, between a flower shop and a wedding dresses shop), Obiezysmak (entrance to Pizza Hut at the Main Market Square), Pieroznik (found on Kuznicza Street, at the entrance to STP restaurant), Kuznik (corner of Kuznicza and Wita Stwosza Streets, the wall of Kruk jeweller's shop), Medrusia, Ossolinka, Kupczyk, Chrapek and more. Warning for Wroclaw's tourists: Watch your step and avoid tripping against dwarfs. It may bring a bad luck.

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