The Mutual Respect District in Wroclaw


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The Four Temples District proves that Wroclaw is a truly multi-religious city. Within the radius of only a few hundred meters, you will find here churches that belong to four religious communities: Roman-Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical-Augsburg and Jewish.

The Church of the Lord's Providence in Kazimierza Wielkiego Street was the first church of Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Wroclaw. Today, it belongs to the Lutherans. The synagogue “The White Stork” in Wlodkowica Street represents the Classicist style and today belongs to the Jewish community. The Catholic Baroque church of St. Anthony's was built in the years 1685-1692 and today is held by Pauline fathers. The Orthodox cathedral of the Most Holy Mother of God's Birth in its 700-year-long history has been Catholic, Evangelical and since 1963 an Orthodox church.

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