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The WRO Art Center was opened in 2008 by the WRO Center for Media Art Foundation, an independent organization specializing in the areas where contemporary art and culture intersect with developing media. The WRO Art Center’s mission includes organizing exhibitions, screenings, lectures and workshops, and developing projects that encompass art, publishing, education and publicity – all in the realm of contemporary art.

The Center’s activities are aimed at a diverse audience: art and media professionals as well as the general public, including children and teenagers. The aim of this multifaceted program is to support art and education, and to promote open international cultural and intellectual discussion via the WRO Media Art Biennale, through the expansion of the highly accessible WRO media archives, through the Center’s collaboration with international art institutions and galleries, and by running an international residency program for artists and curators. Address: 7 Widok Street

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