The Wroclaw Marathon


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The Wroclaw Marathon reflects a great history of running in Poland. Runners come to Wroclaw with delight and willingness to take part in the run. The origins of the marathon in Wroclaw go back to 1983, when for the first time 131 runners run the route from Sobotka to Wroclaw. It was 1st Slezan Marathon. Participants run this route for 10 years, next fifteen marathons took place in Wroclaw.

Within the framework of these marathons there took place the Polish Veteran Marathon Championships, 1st European Veteran Marathon Championships (May 15, 1988), 61th, 62th, 63th, 65th, 66th, 67th, 68th and 69th Polish Marathon Championships. The organizer of the marathons to date were the District Sports and Recreation Centre Wroclaw – Old Town, the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre „South” in Wroclaw and for the last few years the Marathon Wroclaw Association. A great, not to be overestimated role in the organisation of 25 Wroclaw marathons played Marek Danielak – an initiator and director of the Wroclaw Marathon. Numerous employees of the Municipal Office of Wroclaw, Municipal Guards and policemen from the Municipal and Voivodship Police Headquarters contributed also significantly to the high quality organisation of the marathon.

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