Auschwitz tour We offer private tours to Auschwitz & Birkenau which include hotel pick up and drop off at chosen time, comfortable mini-van/car , English speaking driver. It was here that the Nazis established their largest concentration and... more Swidnica & Ksiaz tour We take you to the town Swidnica, where you can admire its most impressive building of Church of Peace. It is one of two surviving Protestant “peace churches” built after the Peace of Westphalia... more Krakow tour Let’s visit Krakow – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Over the centuries, many important artists and architects came to work here and enjoyed their lives in this city. Krakow avoided destruction during World War II... more Auschwitz & Katowice tour We offer you budget and comfortable full day tour from Wroclaw to Auschwitz by using train connection between Wroclaw and Katowice which allows you to discover also the centre of Katowice city – one of the most underrated cities in... more Karkonosze Mountains tour We take you to Karkonosze Mountains, the highest in the Sudeten chain. You will visit attractive small towns in the lower parts of the mountains like Karpacz and Szklarska Poreba and also the major starting point for mountain hikers –... more Czestochowa tour Czestochowa is called spiritual capital of Poland. This city is well known abroad for the Monastery of Jasna Gora and most important icon of the Catholic faith in Poland - famous shrine of the Virgin – Black Madonna. more Poznan & Greater Poland tour We invite you to visit with us Poznan, the capital of Greater Poland District. This is the region of great cultural value and the cradle of Polish statehood, with many monuments of architecture and historic memorabilia from the Piast... more Gross Rosen tour Gross Rosen was a German concentration camp set up in 1940. It gained its fame as one with the most brutal treatment of prisoners, especially in the stone quarry. more Stolowe Mountains & Klodzko tour Let’s ride straight south from Wroclaw and see Klodzko Valley area. The Stolowe Mountains (Table Mountains) are an unusual geological phenomenon – the strange shapes of the sandstone and marl hills were created by erosion. more Wambierzyce and Skull Chapel Tour Let us take you to Wambierzyce, a frequently visited and popular pilgrimage site in southern part of Poland, often called the "Silesian Jerusalem". The city is located around 100 kilometers south - east from Wroclaw. more Riese Complex Tour This tour is a must for everyone who is interested in the history of World War 2. We will show you probably most mysterious place of those times – an underground city complex called Riese. more Prague Tour Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and bordered by Poland to the north. We would like to take you from Wroclaw to the capital of the country - Prague, the Golden City with unusual monuments and unique atmosphere. more Dresden Tour Dresden is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and a perfect destination for a city break from Wroclaw. Thanks to Saxons, Dresden became a cultural and artistic city, today called "The Pearl of the Baroque" and... more Berlin Tour We offer private tours from Wroclaw to Berlin – capital city of Germany. Although there is nearly 350 km from between the cities, good quality highway allows to organize a comfortable full day tour with up to 4 hours driving one way... more