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The emergence of the first Town Hall was associated with the site of Wroclaw in 1261 on the Magdeburg Law. Arose in the late thirteenth century Town Hall was the one-story building with cellars. Held annual meetings townspeople here, where the chosen eleven jurors and eight councilors. Benches and limited powers of the Council made the building every day was used for commercial purposes.

In 1327 and 1329, the city purchased the powers of the mayor, however, and has been released from the obligation of the Prince vows. Increased powers led to the construction in the years 1328-1333 at one corner of the town hall meetings, a separate building for the Bench and the Council. Further expansion led to a significant increase City Hall, but about the final shape of the building decided to rebuild from the years around 1470-1510. The rich sculptural decoration of the external facade is a harbinger of representative design. In the basement are: huge Bourgeois Hall, Room Judicial Council and the Board Office and the Office and the Board of Mayor. A significant part of the story deals with three aisles Great Hall, whose ceiling is decorated. Its decoration was to illustrate the political power of the job of the city. Adjacent to the Great Hall of the bays and chapel space, and part of the floor space are also benches for the Chancellery and the House, Treasury and the Board of Senior Citizens. Former City Hall now houses the Historical Museum of the City of Wroclaw and all the rooms are open to visitors. East elevation of the town hall is entered in the city logo and is widely recognized city card.

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