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Best time of the year to visit Wroclaw is probably from May to September as there is a big chance of nice, warm and ny weather in this period. During the summer however some occasional downpours happen but generally July is the warmest month.

Spring and autumn may be a bit more windy season, spring is usually more sunny than autumn. However the end of September and October is called here "golden autumn" which means this is the period when leaves begin to change their color before falling down which makes a beautiful scenery in the parks, green areas and forest around the city. December and January are the coldest months during which, temperature often drops below 0 degrees. However the climate here is unpredictable and every winter is different, sometimes very frosty and sometimes pretty mild. But winter in the city is not as nice as in the mountains for example because there is a lot of snow everywhere which turns quickly into a dirty slush and stay sometimes for a longer time on the pavements. So if you can choose when to visit Wroclaw, we recommend period from spring to early autumn. During the summer holidays city is a bit deserted because many local inhabitants leave Wroclaw for their vacations and thousands of students also leave town and come back to Wroclaw with the beginning of October.

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