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This year, the twelfth edition of the Wroclaw Industrial Festival, one of the most important events of this kind in the world, clearly shows that the industrial culture is still alive and changing, adapting to the new times, new audiences and new technologies.
Once again artists who contributed to the industrial culture are coming to Wroclaw along with the new projects, remarkable for their freshness and creative courage.
Wroclaw Industrial Festival remains one of the most important industrial music celebrations, an invaluable platform for the exchange of experiences for artists and fans from all over the world, and finally - perhaps most importantly - a unique cultural event, which surprises with its diversity every year.
ll the invited artists will present their vision of industrial and post-industrial music. The main star of this year's edition will be the British band Wire – one of the most important bands of punk and post-punk revolution.
This year, Wroclaw Industrial Festival will run from 7 - 9 November. The festival takes place at various locations with the major concerts staged in the atmosphere-heavy Gothic Hall.

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