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Theatre specialists unanimously agree that the Wroclaw Mime Theatre played a major role in the development of mime art in the 20th century. The Wroclaw Mime Theatre has presented its productions on every continent except the Antarctic.

The Theatre mounted 26 productions, among which 24 were produced by Tomaszewski. The first ten productions each time combined several stories, with different titles; this creative process changed with the 11th production, Gilgamesz, and with Bagaze (The Luggage) which were the first full-length, perfectly scored pantomime spectacles. From the 10th production, the plays became complex intrigues, requiring many actors and many group scenes: they became real, dramatic plays. The inspiration for these plays was always taken from archetypes of mythology, legends, literature, pictures and the plastic arts of European culture. This approach of Tomaszewski was new and original in the history of theatre. The Wroclaw Mime Theatre has also taught and trained many famous mimes. After leaving the theatre, some of them made a career as actors and pantomime teachers around the world using Tomaszewski's training methods. Spectacles by Tomaszewski were also produced and broadcasted on television in Poland and in other European countries. For its achievements, the Wroclaw Mime Theatre was honoured with the Commander Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland.

Address: 16 Debowa Avenue

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