Wroclaw's Opera House


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The Opera in Wroclaw has a tradition dating back to the first half of 17th century. An impressive neoclassical portico adorns the front of Wroclaw's Opera House, which is a testament to the city's cultural importance both today and in its previous incarnation as the German town of Breslau. Indeed it was under German jurisdiction that Carl Ferdinand Langhans drew up the blueprints of this bastion of the arts, completed in 1841.

Like most buildings in this part of the world the Opera House has literally been through the wars, plus a fair number of fires but is once more in tip top shape. The Wroclaw Opera Company meanwhile enjoy an excellent reputation, and revel in shocking their audiences with unconventional productions. Once a year they move to the Hala Ludowa to perform in front of 4,000 monacled fans. There are Ballet Mornings organized for the youngest audience on holidays and for school children there is a special educational program called The Magic Kingdom - an opera for children. The Company of the Wroclaw Opera is a regular guest on many stages in Germany, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Cyprus.

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