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Wroclaw Water Park, is a relatively new facility, which opened on 11 February 2008. The object quickly became famous for silicate biggest Aquapark in Poland. And indeed it is not only huge but also extremely innovative and multi-purpose facility.

Swimming owes these characteristics create several zones that do not interact with each other so much as complement each other and merge. The merits of the complex is part of recreation, where there are activities for children - including water slides, lazy river, and adults - including Jacuzzi, swimming pool. From here you can go in the Sauna and Wellness area, Basin Sports, and Fitness Club. In addition, each of these areas are available separately. All complement dining, outdoor attractions and many others. For its first year of swimming has won huge popularity all over the province of Lower Silesia, and not just because it is also appreciated by experts giving sporty swimming pool, the title object Sports Year 2008.

Address: 99 Borowska Street

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