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Wroclaw Zoo was opened to the public July 10, 1865 year. Zoo has a rich tradition. It is here that the first born in the history of zoos, tapirs, and the gorilla pussi for many decades broke all records for longevity of artificial conditions. In the first decade of the twentieth century, enriched with a collection of rare animals, and ornamental plants, bringing to the zoo about 100 species.

In 1921, because of the devastation and the economic crisis after World War I, the Botanic Garden was closed. Opened it again in 1927 during the interwar period pavilions were opened for the monkeys, bears, seals, bison and antelope. World War II again brought immense destruction of animals and destruction of buildings. July 16, 1948 Wroclaw University leads to a further opening of the Garden, with a limited number around 150 animals. Garden has existed for over 50 years. As in the time of creation and first years of activity, so now Wroclaw Zoo is very popular both at home and among the many foreign tourists and specialists in this field. Wroclaw Zoo visited annually by about 500 000 people. Only in 1997 the turnout was exceptionally low, in the summer months of the year a flood of Wroclaw residents were forced to fight the elements and only a few dared to break through the flooded city to visit "their zoo." Currently, Garden occupies an area of 33 ha. The collection consists of 6,815 animals representing 559 species. About 100 species in the Wroclaw Zoo regularly multiply, increasing the number of these priceless monuments for the world fauna of nature.

Address: Wroblewski Street

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